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A Guide to Protein Shakes for Weight Loss Results


Protein ShakesYou’re wandering down the pharmacy section of the supermarket when you finally stumble upon the well-known weight loss solution you’ve been looking for: meal replacement shakes. You most likely know one friend, relative, or coworker that has tried this weight loss method. They may have added it to a healthy balanced diet in collaboration with doctor approved exercise. Many struggle at losing the weight they need to because they over-eat along with the shake adding unnecessary calories into their diet. Some use too many meal replacement shakes for weight loss in replacement of necessary solid food intake. This forces the body into a sort of starvation mode that pushes the metabolism to retain as much fat as possible for fear of further reduced calorie intake.

While you’re standing in the middle of the supermarket is not the time to read every label and check every claim. We know you’re too busy for that, so we thought we would read the reports and check the facts for you. These are a few suggestions of top meal replacement shakes for weight loss, so you can add them to your diet for the best weight loss results.

Orgain Protein Powder

This unique and diet friendly protein powder is the number one choice for those focusing more on weight loss and overall health. Orgain offers a wide range of options for dieters and a product-wide leg up on other protein powders by offering a true sense of fullness and energy while still topping out at only 150 calories per serving! This wonderful option is gluten, soy, and GMO free making it insanely friendly to those with dietary restrictions. This is definitely one of the natural options for meal replacements for weight loss that you can feel good about.

Ideal Shape Meal Replacement

With only 90 calories and 1 gram of sugar, this meal replacement shake was made (literally made) for weight loss. This does more than just replace a meal. Ideal shape has an entire lifestyle program for those more motivated to start a program they can incorporate into a busy day.

Vega Protein Shake

With no dairy, gluten, or soy, this protein packed shake is a great addition for an active and strict dieted individual. Vega provides a unique protein powder, full of antioxidants, that boosts the metabolism while filling cravings and building muscle. One interesting additive for this meal replacement option is probiotics that will help your digestive system cope with the new and improved changes you’ve introduced. You and your (soon to be little) tummy will love Vega Protein Shakes.

310 Shake

310 Shake is incorporated into a fitness regimen but can also be used for standalone weight loss and muscle building goals. With a vitamin/mineral and greens blend, this shake offers many other positive health benefits others don’t. 310 Shake focuses on keeping the user full, boasting special proteins that aide in hunger suppression and vitamin absorption, making this shake a sure favorite.

Vemme e-Body Shake

Popularized by television, Vemme e-Body Shake offers consumers a wide variety of ingredients and nutrients not normally found in the garden variety protein shake. These surplus vitamins, minerals, and diet aides help to keep your metabolism at peak functionality and give your body what it needs to burn fat, gain muscle, and improve overall health. This option also includes a choice of program and exercise guide similar to 310 and the recently popular Shakeology that fall into this category.

A Point to Remember

While searching stores or the internet, finding the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss that fits your life and diet tolerations can be very difficult. Above are examples of some highly recommended options, but remember that there are also hundreds of other meal replacements on the market that will say the same things while delivering subpar ingredients. A helpful tip you can take with you is to always read the label to see what ingredients you recognize and understand are healthy to feed your body.

After all, if we are replacing whole foods with meal replacement, we don’t want our bodies to know the difference. If your supplement is doing its best for you, it will help you get to a physical state where you are a healthy weight and your body systems are at peak functionality. Our body image is so important so with obtaining the goal to lose weight, we must also obtain the goal of achieving that weight loss while nourishing and respecting our bodies and their processes.

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