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Best CBD Oil Companies 2021: Top Brands Reviewed

Best CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that acts as the main ingredient for CBD oil. This is derived from a cannabis plant using ethanol and carbon dioxide extraction processes. These formulas have gained prominence due to the numerous therapeutic and medical properties that come with consuming them.

However, the rise in demand has led to the emergence of many brands that promise quality and effectiveness – many of which fall short. With that, we have prepared this guide to help you find the best CBD oil that can fill your needs for better health.

CBD Oil: A Guide To Choosing The Best One

This guide was prepared to help beginner and experienced users alike in their quest to find the best that the market can offer in terms of full-spectrum CBD oil 2021. Being one the more potent of the types, full-spectrum oils aren’t as pure as isolates since they undergo the least number of extractions.

This means that these contain all cannabinoid compounds, including THC. However, bad farming and production processes can easily affect the quality of CBD oil. For this reason, we need to find reliable brands that put their full efforts into the process, from seed to oil.

Key Factors To Take Note Of

In this guide, we included important pointers you will need to look out for and a few of the top brands that had personally worked for us and our team. You will know more about the benefits of investing in high-quality CBD oils instead of opting for cheaper or more dubious varieties.

Here are key factors you need to take note of:

  • The place where the hemp/cannabis plant was grown

The plant can easily absorb any toxins on the earth. Due to this, you need to check whether the farm area is certified for safety and cleanliness. Anything US-grown is usually the standard.

  • The extraction method used.

Extractions that use carbon dioxide and ethanol are considered safe and ideal. CBD products extracted using propane and butane are usually sold cheaper, but the chemical process causes toxic substances.

  • Go for natural

Some CBD oil products include other ingredients to improve the taste and overall experience they provide. However, be keen on checking if these flavorings are naturally-sourced or if these can cause allergic reactions.

5 Best CBD Oils Brands Of 2021

Since you’re out to buy CBD oil, you might as well go for brands that bring their A-game into the market. With that, here are 5 of the leading suppliers when it comes to all things CBD, especially full-spectrum oils:



To boost health and enhance vitality, Fab CBD produces a well-loved set of products that remain bestsellers in the market. Their full-spectrum CBD oils are organically-grown, non-GMO, and free from pesticides. In addition to that, the brand makes an effort to provide adequate serving, depending on the user’s medical needs or recreational preferences.


  • Hemp extract (organically-grown)
  • Full-spectrum (cannabinoid formula)
  • Natural flavoring
  • Terpenes
  • Triglycerides (medium chain)
  • THC (trace amounts less than 3%)

Key Features:

  • Their formulas are infused with natural oil flavors that include citrus, mint, vanilla, and berries.
  • Fab offers several different cannabidiol products to showcase the many benefits of CBD oil.


Purekana Natural CBD Oil

Grown and sourced from the Pilot Research Farms in Kentucky, the hemp from which the PureKana oils are extracted is certified and guaranteed free from toxins and chemicals. For this reason, this is considered a reliable supplier of top-shelf CBD oil for reducing pain and inflammation and improving the users’ overall health and wellness. Simple and effective, PureKana improves the full-spectrum CBD experience by including naturally-sourced flavors in their oils.


  • Hemp extract (organically-grown)
  • Phytocannabinoid full-spectrum formula
  • MCT oil
  • Terpenes
  • Naturally-sourced flavors

Key Features:

  • Aside from the variety of flavors, their formulations also differ in potency and strength.
  • Their full-spectrum strengths are considerably stronger, with more CBD input in mg per ml than other brands.
  • This brand is mostly marketed to experienced users and those who need stronger formulas for their conditions.

Premium Jane

Premium Jane

Premium Jane is among the brands that help educate their users as they produce high-quality cannabidiol oils. This is a company comprising biologists, chemists, and developers aiming to improve optimum potency and maximum efficiency.

In addition to all these, content purity is ensured by their lab-certification from third-party company reports. The brand can produce a nutritional supplement that boosts health and helps in the alleviation of bodily discomforts.


  • Organic Kentucky hemp extract
  • MCT oil
  • Terpenes
  • Natural flavors
  • THC (trace amounts less than 3%)

Key Features:

  • These full-spectrum CBD formulas come in tinctures of varying sizes and strengths.
  • This brand improves the CBD oil routine and experience by infusing their full spectrum formulas with natural flavors that include citrus, mint, and sweets.
  • Premium Jane produces a wide range of products that contain CBD, including topicals, edibles, and tinctures.

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals

A brand specializing in full-spectrum CBD oils, NuLeaf may not have a wide range of products and sizes. But the quality is well-guaranteed. This company has also developed its proprietary genetics to ensure the effectiveness of its product. All these are done to supercharge your body’s endocannabinoid system.


  • Hemp extract (Organically-grown)
  • Full-spectrum formula
  • Virgin hemp seed oil (Organically-grown)
  • Cannabinoids and terpenes

Key Features:

  • Their full-spectrum oils are CO2 extracted from organically grown hemp strains.
  • No additives are included in the formula.
  • Their CBD oils are produced as tinctures and soft gel capsules.
  • Their formulas include all vital cannabinoids, including essential oils and phytonutrients, for enhanced potency.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web CBD

This household name in the CBD industry has produced one of, if not the best, CBD oil products to date. This leading supplier is one of the few that allows CBD customization. It also provides a wide range of sizes, flavorings, and strengths, depending on your preference. One thing that makes this company impeccable is their botanical background and proprietary hemp strains, making their formulas unlike any other.


  • Hemp extract (US-grown)
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid formula
  • Phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes
  • Naturally-sourced extract flavoring

Key Features:

  • This brand offers various formulas depending on the CBD amount’s strength and potency in mg per ml you need.
  • They provide ample information to guide beginners who are starting the routine and help experienced one’s upgrade to higher strengths.
  • They also showcase their flagship formula of full-spectrum CBD extracts full of beneficial compounds.

Why Premium Brands Offer The Best CBD Oil Experience

Consumers are produced using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. But their plants are also grown in locations certified for cleanliness and safety. The leading brands, including those we have mentioned, have developed special strains to produce optimum outputs. This way, these suppliers can produce CBD oils that actually improve health and alleviate discomfort.

Health Benefits You Can Expect From Premium CBD Oil

Among the many benefits of CBD oil is providing ease to chronic pains and mental conditions that can make daily life difficult. With premium full-spectrum CBD oils free from any harmful and artificial ingredients, you can achieve quite a range of alleviation. This means it can help with something as mild as insomnia or treat a terminal disease’s discomforts.

Should You Buy CBD Oil From Unknown Brands?

This is usually the qualm of beginners. Many of those who are just getting into the routine prefer cheaper brands to experience CBD oil’s effects and benefits. However, most of us don’t understand that we may not know the extent of the benefits if we go for products that are considered substandard or low quality.

Different Ways You Can Order CBD Oil

Suppose you’re looking for cannabidiol products like full-spectrum CBD oil for anxiety and pain. You can head over to reputable websites instead of buying from unverified resellers. Better yet, go over to the manufacturer’s website and browse through their catalogs yourself. The staff may help you if you have questions regarding the product.


That being said, we hope that this guide has helped you with the knowledge of what truly makes the best CBD oil work and how it differs from cheaper brands. Remember that your health is an important investment, and there’s nothing wrong with being a little extra careful with what you put in your body.

Each of these brands we mentioned has its own flair. But what keeps them on top of the markets is their unparalleled dedication to crafting high-quality full-spectrum oil. May this be of help to you. Stay healthy and safe!