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Best Meal Replacement Shakes: How to Use, Brands and Buying Guides

Best Meal Replacement Shakes

Regardless of whether you are an athlete who is finding it hard to fill the high-calorie requirements or you are just a busy individual, you understand the struggle of preparing healthy meals. With all these difficulties, meal replacement shakes have become the norm in most people’s lives. As far as food replacement is concerned, you only need to consider the best meal replacement shakes. Meal replacements have actually been around for a long time now. They found applications in hospitals where patients had difficulties eating and absorbing nutrients. This post will discuss everything you need to know about these shakes and help you find the best for you.

What is a Meal Replacement Shake?

For our discussion, meal replacement shakes are basically bottled products that people drink in place of dinner, lunch, or breakfast. You can use a meal replacement shake for different reasons. For instance, some people use these shakes to increase calories and also gain muscle mass. You will also appreciate that some people use these shakes to lower their calorie intake. These shakes can also be used to provide the body with essential minerals and vitamins. Finally, some people use meal replacement shakes for healthy convenience. This is because they are too busy and might not have the time to prepare healthy meals for consumption.

Can Meal Replacement Shakes Help You Lose Weight?

As opposed to protein shakes, meal replacement shakes have been made to offer whole meals nutrition. Some of them are prepared in cans or bottles in drinks, while others come in a powder form, allowing you to mix them with water or milk. In most cases, the meal shakes have 200 to 400 calories and a good proportion of proteins, fiber, and key vitamins and minerals. With that in mind, the meal replacement shakes are a good way to enjoy healthy and low-calorie meals on the go. All the same, it is worth noting that the ingredients and the nutrients might vary greatly. There will be a difference in the proportions of fat, proteins, and carbs in this case.

What to Look for When Buying Weight Loss Shakes

When buying meal replacement shakes, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. A simple reading of the nutrition label will help to differentiate between bad and good meal shakes. You need to check for a proper balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. You need to ensure that the meal replacement shake comes with 15 to 25 grams of protein, 10 to 13 grams of healthy fats, and a minimum of 18 minerals & vitamins. Similarly, the meal replacement shake should have a good fiber dose for every serving. It would help if you also were cautious to ensure that the meal replacement shakes do not come with more than 400 calories for every serving, added sugars, or artificial flavors.

What is the Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss?

When ranking the meal replacement shakes, several things were put into consideration. The first and the most important thing is that the meal replacement shake had to be an actual meal replacement instead of a sugary drink. In this regard, we disregarded products that were high in sugar and very low in proteins and fiber. After that, the team disregarded products that used artificial coloring and flavoring. This, therefore, means that the best meal replacement shakes comprise of natural ingredients. Well, these are the characters that the best meal replacement shakes should possess.

Best Meal Replacement Shakes in the Market

With the saturated market of meal replacement shakes, selecting the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss might be a daunting task. We compared available flavors, nutritional values, and the cost to find the best and healthy meal replacement shakes. Below is our compilation:

Isagenix Shake

Isagenix Shake - Best Meal Replacement Shakes

This is a delicious, convenient, as well as a nutritionally-complete meal that has been made in the best proportions. You will appreciate that it has high-quality protein, fats, carbs, fiber, minerals & vitamins. Precisely, this is a full meal as opposed to being a shake. It has 24 grams of protein that supports lean muscle growth. For every serving also, you will be enjoying 8 grams of fiber. This shake contains active enzymes & probiotics as well for simple digestion. The best part is that it is low in sugar levels now that it has natural ingredients without artificial flavors.

Garden of Life

Garden of Life - Best Meal Replacement Shakes

This is a delicious and organic on-the-go meal with incredible nutrition to help you curb hunger and manage weight. This shake combines the benefits of multiple products from the Garden of Life in a single raw organic meal replacement. Essentially, it has the nutrition of 7 products in a single container. This product offers 20g clean protein for every scoop that is sourced from 13 raw ingredients. It also packs greens, healthy fats, 7 grams of organic fiber, enzymes, and 21 minerals & vitamins.


SlimFast - Best Meal Replacement Shakes

The reason why the shakes from this brand have remained popular over the years is their amazing taste. They are actually the best for your on-the-go kind of lifestyle. The creamy milk chocolate will be ideal for all chocolate lovers. This shake is delightful and has been packed with proteins and fiber. It has been proven to keep individuals full for a maximum period of 4 hours. Basically, this remains as a guilt-free manner of enjoying chocolate and also lose weight.

Premier Protein Shake

Premier Protein Shake

You will appreciate that this meal replacement shake comes with some mouthwatering flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, caramel, cookies, and cream, to name a few. Besides being delicious, you will appreciate that this product is so smooth that you might mistake it for a milkshake. Given that this shake packs up to 160 calories, you will not crave snacks anymore. The meal replacement shake comes with 3 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs, 30 grams protein, and 3 grams of fiber. With this product, therefore, it will be possible to achieve weight loss goals.

IdealShape – Idealshake

IdealShape - Idealshake

These meal replacement shakes are low in calories since they contain around 120 calories for every shake. You will also appreciate that they are packed with up to 11 grams of quality whey protein. The meal replacement shakes have been made to curb hunger for a period of up to 3 hours. Another good thing about the meal replacement shake is that it comes with up to 18 vitamins & minerals. You will also like the fact that these shakes are delicious and very easy to use. Replacing one or two meals a day with these shakes will help you realize your weight loss goals.

Vega One All-In-One

Vega One All-In-One

If you are looking for an organic meal replacement shake, this one will be the best pick. It is filled with organic and plant-based ingredients to harness the power of plants. This shake proves to be a good source of vitamins A, C, and D that are helpful to your immune system. For every serving, you will enjoy 20g proteins, 4 to 6 grams of fiber, 8 vitamins & minerals, and probiotics as well. You will also appreciate that no artificial sugars or flavors have been added to this shake.

Orgain Organic Protein

Orgain Organic Protein

This is a meal replacement powder that will provide up to 21 grams of proteins with just 150 calories. Apart from that, you will appreciate that the powder does not contain any artificial flavors or colorings. This is actually among the most known vegan protein powder brands that exist in the market today. Most users have praised it after it helped them build their muscles and bring them the weight loss goals they were yearning for.

Herbalife Shake

Herbalife Shake

Herbalife’s delicious protein shakes have been loaded with key vitamins and minerals ideal for people with busy schedules. Regardless of whether you are always on-the-go or you are just an individual searching for nutritious meals, this is the product to go for. You will appreciate that the shake satisfies your hunger and helps you manage your weight loss goals.

GNC Lean Shake

GNC Lean Shake

The GNC meal replacement shakes are yet other meal replacement shakes that you will want to consider. This meal replacement shake will keep you full to curb your hunger, which will help you easily realize your weight loss goals. You will appreciate that this shake has been packed with fiber, proteins. As well as other essential nutrients. It also comes in a wide range of flavors from which you can pick based on your needs.

Pure Protein

Pure Protein

One of the good qualities of this product is that it comes with high protein content with low sugar levels. It will, therefore, bring you delicious and satisfying nutrition for you to lose weight. This shake also comes with key amino acids that support lean muscle growth and strength. It will be possible to achieve your weight loss goals in a hassle-free manner with its great taste.

How to Use Meal Replacement Shakes

In a real sense, depending solely on the meal replacement shakes for weight loss might not be adequate. An ideal way to ensure that you enjoy the meal replacement shakes is pairing with some healthy snacks. With that, it will be possible to turn your meal replacements into full-on meals. Doing that will mean that you will be feeding the body with all the nutrients needed to keep you moving the whole day. You need to consume around 325-400 calories, 5 grams fiber, 15-25 grams proteins, and 10 to 13 grams healthy and unsaturated fat. Failure to do so, you are going to feel hungry even before the next meal.

What Are the Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes?

  • Providing essential nutrients- By incorporating the meal replacement protein shakes in your routine, you will be providing the body with essential nutrients. This will be the case when you want to cut calories and also reduce your food intake. Ideal meal replacement shakes offer many essential nutrients, including fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and probiotics.
  • Healthy weight management– Simple swapping of even a single meal for healthy meal replacement shakes like breakfast will healthily support weight management. In most cases, meal replacement shakes are high in fiber and protein that effectively control the appetite. Additionally, fiber will move very slowly in your digestive tract, and it is also associated with good weight management.
  • Better than sugary drinks- When you have no time, preparing nutritious and healthy meals is very difficult. When people are tempted to grab the junk foods in the fridge to fix their hunger needs on the go, it is at this time. However, with the meal replacement protein shakes, you can easily keep these unhealthy foods at bay and achieve health goals.
  • Controls your cravings- One of the main aspects of successful and sustainable weight management is keeping cravings for snacks under control. With the best meal replacement shakes, you will be able to monitor the portion sizes easily. Therefore, this means that you will get just the nutrients that you want to support satiety. With that in mind, you are going to feel full between meals.

Side Effects of Meal Replacement Shakes

  • Too many phytochemicals- Reliable sources indicate that the meal replacement shakes are essentially nutrient-rich products that contain micronutrients like protein, fats, and carbs, not forgetting minerals and vitamins. All the same, most of these shakes have high phytochemicals that can lead to serious health issues.
  • Lower Calories- Meal replacement shakes for weight loss have fewer calories. Such a supplement won’t be good for your overall health. The reason for that is that it has fewer nutrients as well as artificial fillers. As a matter of fact, most shakes have lower than 200 calories.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that meal replacement shakes can turn out to be powerful and convenient for your weight loss journey. However, to make that successful. You must research the options to ensure that you get the results you desire. MaEnsurehat, the shakes are low in artificial flavors and colors but high in protein content as and vitamins and minerals.