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When it comes to a lady’s make-up kit, falsies are almost a guarantee to find. And for good reason as well, they go a long way in completing any lady’s look. But the application process isn’t exactly glamorous at all, they can tend to take up a lot of your time, energy and, they can also be pretty painful to apply. No one should have to endure through that, especially not when there’s a better option. Yes, yes a way around the falsies torture method.

One Two Lash is the answer. They are a product of One Two Cosmetics who are best known for their turnkey beauty solutions. The lashes are a one of a kind, the world’s inaugural magnetic lash extensions. What’s best about the application procedure is so simple to know and practice it as required, you can do it from anywhere, at any time for just a few seconds. That on top of them being effective and glamorous sure give them a boost against any competition.

Once you’ve already purchased, you’ll receive them in a sleek case that’s small enough to fit in your makeup kit. Below is an easy to follow and comprehensive method to apply the One Two Lashes;

1. Gently, remove the first (upper) lash from the case, then, just place it on top of your natural lashes at the lash line. The outer edges of the magnetic lashes will naturally line up with your natural ones. After you’re done, give it a few seconds to settle before moving to the lower lash.

2. Next, gently remove the lower lash from the case, it can be distinguished from the top one by a red dot. Without blinking, place the bottom magnetic lash under your upper natural lash. You will feel the micro magnets attract each other. Finally, blink a couple of times to ensure they’re on right.

And that’s it, a simple two step application process. And once everyone has admired you –and a few are envious– and you wish to remove them, using your thumb and index finger, softly slide the top lash and the bottom lash away from each other. To avoid damaging the lashes, use the soft tips of each finger at the base of the lashes. Try to avoid pulling the lashes off directly as it can perpetually alter their shape. And there you go, the simplest way to have the lashes on and off.

Why One Two Lash?

This is a question you’ve probably thought of. Are they really better than ordinary falsies? Short answer, is yes. But, since you shouldn’t take any chances, here’s an in-depth analysis of why they are better than any other falsies.

* Easy to apply

While other falsies are cheap, they are not the easiest to put on. Given the proximity to your eyes, glue might not be the safest product near them. The tube glues are also very small and hard to work with, which is why most lies prefer to use sharp tools to apply the lashes, which can be dangerous or the eyes and skin. Luckily the One Two Lash fixes all that, the process is not only simple, it’s also very safe.

* Safer to use

The One Two Lashes are pretty simple and straightforward to use. In recent studies, it’s been seen that the application and removal processes of the conventional falsies can be associated with eye conditions like allergies, chronic inflammation, and hemorrhage¹. Moreover, research carried out focusing on the adhesive glue contain toxic contents like formaldehyde² in concentrations higher than required³.

* More Affordable

Yes, typical falsies are cheaper than One Two Lash to purchase. But if you’re concerned about the risks, you’re likely to visit a lash salon instead. But for them to fix your lashes for only a few weeks at most, it’ll cost you around a couple of hundred dollars. Over time, the cost becomes more expensive than the One Two Lash.

One Two Cosmetics has done more than just understand that there’s a need to revolutionize the lashes industry, they’ve understood that lashes are not only an accessory to a lady, but they are a part of who she is, an extension of herself as well. That unique understanding is what has helped engineer the One Two Lash, ensuring you have all the glam, in less the time.