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My wedding almost ruined my skin

Now, I’m not really a “products” guy. I’ve been washing my face the same way since I was 5 years old – in the shower, with the same bar of soap I use to clean my armpits. It’s not that I don’t care what my face looks like … it’s just that I just don’t care all that much.
But stress can do weird things to a person, especially in extraordinary times –

You see, I just got back from my honeymoon. (I know, I know … thank you for the congratulations. And, yes, it’s truly wonderful finally being married to my best friend). But, this isn’t about that.

It’s about what the stress did to my face a couple months before the wedding.

Have you ever planned (or co-planned) a wedding? It’s a racket. Of course, all you want to do is stand next to the person you love and promise you’ll be theirs forever, but you don’t earn that moment unless you spend months spending money and making lots of crazy decisions.

So, while most of our engagement was a blast, I will say the actual planning of the wedding was pretty tough. You see, I’m a worrier by nature – constantly thinking about everyone else’s levels of comfort, their feelings – and worse, what they’ll say about me if they don’t like a decision I make. I guess my ego never graduated from junior high school. So, when tasked with worrying about the feelings, comfort, dietary restrictions, and so on of 130 of our closest friends and family … well, my face rebelled.

For starters, I broke out. Zits and blemishes that had been hiding deep under the bridge of my nose and around the wrinkles on my forehead decided to make themselves known after decades in the shadows. And they didn’t just subtly appear. No, they arrived in giant pimple wagons and brought all their friends. Then, they decided to camp out for weeks on end.

Well, about three weeks before the big day, a large, kind of darker, weird spot appeared under my left eye. It mocked me and only made me more aware of the countdown to wedding chaos. So, I did what any other sensible person would do – I hit the shower a little longer each day and practiced my face-washing ritual with a bit more oomph. But, unfortunately I washed to no avail.

And, that’s when my fiancé approached me. He could see I was pained. Now, I always make fun of him for the products he’s got surrounding his bathroom sink. You’d think he had stock in a big name drug store. But, what he handed me wasn’t from any drug store.

Beverly Hills MD Rose Stem Daily Cleanser and Dark Spot Corrector

He gave me two products – Beverly Hills MD Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser and Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector. His instructions were clear: “You’ve got three weeks until someone takes the most important photos of us anyone will ever take ” He’s got a flair for the dramatic.

Then he said, “First, wash your oily, stressed-out mug with the Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser. Make sure you do that twice a day. Next, pump some of this Dark Spot Corrector onto your finger and massage it into that weird spot under your eye. Do that morning, noon, and before bed.”

I rolled my eyes. He caught me and said, “Do it.” Sigh.

The Skincare Regimen

So, I begrudgingly started my new regimen. And, I will say, after the first day, I actually began to feel a bit of a difference. My skin started to feel softer, moisturized. But, the crazy thing was that by the end of the second week of using both products in concert, my face seriously looked better. And, I started to feel more and more confident as we moved toward the wedding day.

Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser

Turns out, the Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser combines a little bit of nature with a bit little bit of chemistry. You see, the cleanser uses the stem cells of roses to remove dirt and gunk from your skin. Stem Cell Daily Cleanser is also chock full of natural antioxidants. And, I did a bit of research and discovered antioxidants are great for your skin.

First off, they can really help protect your skin by fighting against free radicals. Now, free radicals can cause some pretty serious damage to your skin cells. But, the antioxidants in Rose Stem Cell daily can do a lot for the appearance of your skin. In fact, antioxidants are known to make your skin start to look much younger.

Not only that, but Beverly Hills MD throws in the most effective fruit enzymes and adds powerful plant extracts to Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser. Together, all the ingredients help to exfoliate and smooth your skin. At least for me, the result was clean, soft skin. All the rough spots seemed to go away.

Dark Spot Corrector

And the Dark Spot Corrector blew my mind. I can honestly say, the formula diminished the weird spot under my eye – pretty significantly. And it wasn’t like all of a sudden there was this light, discolored, bleachy spot on my face where there had once been a dark blemish. Also, I’d been concerned that both products might make my skin feel weird. For instance, I was worried – told you I was a worrier – that my face would start to feel really itchy or irritated. On the contrary, it just felt healthy. And the spot seemed to really blend in with the rest of my complexion.

The Wedding Day

By the actual big day, not only was my face looking almost completely clear, but the dark spot under my eye had lightened significantly. Not only that, but some of the wrinkles on my forehead have actually seemed to soften.

In fact, friends and family were complimenting me left and right. My favorite was hearing that I looked so much younger! Since I happen to be a few years older than my fiancé, that was my favorite compliment.

In the end, we said our vows and got some great photos taken. And it’s great returning to worrying only about one another, and not the gaggle of crazy family we had surrounding us on our special day. We’re pretty happy – and our faces seem to reflect that.

So, I think I’m a new man. Even though the big day came and went, I’m sticking to my new Beverly Hills MD skincare regimen.

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