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The Ancient Ingredient in SpiceFit That Speeds Weight Loss (by targeting 3 causes!)


SpiceFit is a weight loss formula designed with health-promoting ingredients derived from nature. Well-known to also boost your immunity and overall health, the ingredients in the SpiceFit formula were made with your lasting weight loss success in mind.

If you thought that those stubborn pounds lingering around your belly, thighs, and buttocks would never budge – think again. In fact, numerous studies confirm that weight loss is not just a simple “calories in versus calories out” equation, and there are many more factors at play in the battle of the bulge.1,2 Some of those factors include your stress levels, your sleep patterns, and even inflammation in your body.3

An estimated two-thirds of the adult population in the  United States is attempting to lose weight, just like you. That’s a whopping 167 million people, all focused on dropping the pounds as fast as they can.4

Real weight loss, which is best accomplished with a combination of healthy eating and exercise, is possible. It’s a complicated process, one with a lot of moving parts. And SpiceFit is one of those key parts. Here’s how:

The Power of the SpiceFit Formula for Long-Term Weight Loss Success

The SpiceFit formula can be found in their ThermaSpice product, which contains the power of an ancient root spice known to offer a wide range of health benefits that today have been clinically shown to aid in weight loss. Known as turmeric root, this spice may help you reach your own goals faster than a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise alone.


Here are Three Ways Turmeric Works to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals:

  • Blood Sugar Support

Insulin is a hormone that regulates fat storage inside the cells throughout your body. It’s the hormone that tells your brain whether to burn sugar in your blood for energy, or to store it inside your fat cells for later use. However, if your body does not have the proper response to insulin due to long periods of time consuming the Standard American Diet, insulin resistance can occur. This can lead to a slew of metabolic dysfunctions.5

This is where turmeric comes in. For centuries, turmeric has been known to help reduce the overproduction of insulin in the blood (a response to high blood sugar), and today, studies confirm the ability of this spice to help avoid chronic high blood sugar – a cause of insulin resistance.6

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Today, the Standard American Diet includes large amounts of meat, processed snack foods, convenience items, and fast food – all potent sources of one type of fatty acid known as Omega-6. While this is technically considered a “healthy” fat, in large amounts, it is the fastest way to trigger inflammation throughout your body.7 Studies have revealed that inflammation plays a major role in unwanted weight gain, as well as obesity, and  hardening and narrowing of the arteries.8

Turmeric spice has been shown to modulate inflammatory pathways, helping to reduce the inflammatory response throughout the body. This may help to target unseen causes of those stubborn pounds that just don’t seem to want to come off, no matter what you do.9,10

  • Reduced Fat Storage

To better understand fat storage in the body, you need to know about leptin, the hormone responsible for the hunger signal in your brain. You see, leptin is also in charge of telling your brain that you feel full – so it signals for you to stop eating. Without leptin, you may suffer from loads of unwanted cravings and a huge intake of calories – because you’d never get the satiety signal to stop eating.11

If you struggle with your weight, you know: Sometimes it seems like fat is stored in and on your body at lightening speed. And while this is a bit of an exaggeration, rapid fat storage does occur.  Turmeric works to reduce the activation of what’s known as your fat storage cells (hepatic stellate cells), which can become stimulated by the overproduction of leptin.12

If you are one of the millions of Americans trying to lose unwanted pounds and keep them off, take advantage of this Ancient spice. Used for thousands of years in Ayurveda – traditional Indian holistic medicine – turmeric is the superfood spice that may give you the jumpstart you need on your path to getting the body you’ve always wanted. And it’s just one of the many powerful weight loss ingredients found in the SpiceFit formula.

Note: There is no magic pill for weight loss, so always check with your doctor before adding SpiceFit to your weight loss diet and regular exercise program.

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