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What Is Hemp And How It Is Made?

what is hemp

When you hear the word hemp, for sure, it’s impossible not to associate it with marijuana. The reason why is because it came from the same plant species. It is one of the many varieties of Cannabis Sativa plant. This plant is being used industrially. So it is not the same as marijuana. Here are the most common questions that arise whenever somebody heard “hemp.” Hopefully, it will satisfy the curiosity that some people have in mind.

What Exactly Is Hemp?

It is also known as industrial hemp, has a different characteristic compared to marijuana. This plant is known to have many uses. The most common thing about this plant is it can be a good source of fiber. Since this plant can grow fast, it has been the source of fiber production for some people in the old times.

Is Hemp The Same Thing As Marijuana?  

Hemp and marijuana came from the same plant family, which is the Cannabis Sativa. However, they are not the same in many ways since marijuana cannot be used as much as how you can use hemp. Generally, Cannabis Sativa contains THC or also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. The hemp plant doesn’t contain a high dosage of THC, but it has more CBD, which is cannabidiol in other terms.

What Exactly is Hemp

CBD can reduce or even eliminate the THC content of the hemp plant. Therefore it is the best source of cannabidiol that is being used for medical purposes. Hemp oil or CBD oil is already popular around the world now as it posses many medicinal benefits. Many people are using it to treat some conditions that they have. CBD is also a well-known substance that treats epilepsy to reduce having seizures.

What Is Industrial Hemp Used For?


Hemp seeds can be eaten as it is or dried. It is also being grounded and turn into beverages or even for baking needs.


Hemp fibers can be used to make clothing. It can also be used as a sail canvas. The pure hemp stock has the same texture as linen.

Building Materials

Hemp can be used for building materials such as the combination of hemp and lime. Since the hemp fiber is solid, it can be used in replacement for wood.

Composite And Plastic

Composite panels for vehicles are also made possible by combining fiberglass, hemp fiber, kenaf, and flax. Car manufacturers are beginning to use hemp for their products.


Industrial hemp can also be made into cigarette paper, banknotes, and even technical filter paper. Since the hemp fiber is longer compared to other plants, it will be more durable.


Macrame is also known as hemp jewelry, is made by knotting hemp twine. It can be a necklace, bracelets, rings, and other pieces of jewelry you can think of.


Since industrial hemp fiber is solid, it can even be used as a rope for sailing ships from the past.

Purifies Water And Soil

Hemp can be used to clear the impurities in water and other harsh chemicals. It can also treat toxins from the soil by clearing radioisotopes.

Control Weeds

 Most farmers plant hemp to kill unwanted weeds on their crops eventually. It helps the farmers to avoid using chemicals to ward off the weeds.

Energy Storage And Biofuels

Waste fibers from industrial hemp can be used as one component for energy storage. Filtered hemp oil can also be used as biofuels to power up a car engine.

Pet Foods

The hemp plant is still being looked at to be possible additives for pet foods. However, hemp seeds oil can be added to your pet food as a supplement since it shows a great effect. There are some farm animals, though, which are being fed hemp plants along with the grass that they are eating.

Are There Any Hemp Products?


The hemp plant has more content of cannabidiol. This is a substance that has many health benefits. It doesn’t contain enough THC to cause a person to get high. Therefore, it is legal in many countries as well as in the US.

Protein Powder

The hemp protein powder can give a person an extra boost on their nutrition. Since hemp seed is considered a superfood, many people eat it on its own or in powder form.


Hemp seeds can be made in the form of hemp milk since it’s nutritious. It can be the best option if the person is trying to stick with the plant-based diet instead of dairy.


Hemp and beer can complement each other since they are botanically related. It can give the weedy flavor without getting high.


Since hemp has good levels of fatty substance, it is perfect to be made as soap. Hemp is also good for the skin, so it is the best way to take advantage of it. 


Hemp-base sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin from UV rays. It’s a great base for zinc oxide, which can protect your skin from the sun.


Since shoe companies use textiles to create their shoes, hemp is also a great material for them. Canvas shoes can be made of hemp fiber to make it more durable.


Hempcrete is a building material made from hemp. It’s strong, durable, and also a great insulator.


Hemp textiles are more absorbent, which is perfect to be made as reusable diapers. It’s more eco-friendly compared to the disposable counterpart.


The hemp plant can make nanosheets that can be a more affordable version of the supercapacitor. It can be processed and inexpensively compared to graphene.

Pros & Cons For Hemp Products 


  • Durable 
  • Simple 
  • Inexpensive 


  • It needs further studies to be developed more. 

Is Hemp Illegal? 

Not anymore. Since President Trump had signed the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp is already legal in the US. The condition is that as long as it doesn’t contain THC, which is the psychoactive chemical found in the cannabis plant, it should be good to go. 

Bottom Line

Industrial hemp looks promising since it has so many uses. It can help out in so many ways from the food source, medical benefits, and industrial ways. The fiber it can provide is remarkably strong and durable, which can be used in many things. Overall, the hemp plant is one of nature’s wonderful gifts to humanity. It cannot make you high, but it can give you a lot of useful things.

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