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What is Hemp and How it is Made? 

what is hemp

Many people think hemp and marijuana are one and the same. This is because they both originate from the same type of plant family. Hemp and marijuana both originate from the genus of plants known as cannabis. So, what is hemp? Hemp is a specific variety of the cannabis sativa plant. The two most widely known chemical compounds found within the plant, also called cannabinoids, help to determine what type of effects the user will experience. These two cannabinoids are known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). THC is associated with the marijuana-induced “high” and has very potent psychoactive effects. CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive. When the cannabis plant has a THC content greater than 0.3% it has stimulatory effects that classify it as marijuana. With less than 0.3 % THC, the plant is non-stimulatory and is classified as hemp.

Hemp is grown mostly for its seeds and its fiber. Hemp fiber is used to make rope, textiles, paper, and much more. The hemp seeds are very nutritious and can be used to make Hemp oil, hemp protein shakes, hemp energy bars, and many other nutritious products. What is hemp oil? Hemp oil comes from the stalk or seed of the hemp plant which contains less than 0.3% THC. Hemp oil is used for many purposes due to the plentiful amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and additional nutrients it contains. The oil is also good for lowering cholesterol and boosting the immune system.

Hemp oil can help many people, including those faced with diabetes, hormonal problems, and high cholesterol.  When taken internally, the oil should be administered in moderation to prevent any adverse side effects. It is also best not to apply heat to the oil. The oil can also be used externally for better looking nourished skin and hair. Hemp oil is extracted as a full-spectrum compound whose molecules interact collectively and thereby become more effective. It combines the therapeutic benefits of all the useful compounds of the hemp plant, which is why it has a much greater impact on the endocannabinoid system when consumed.

When purchasing hemp oil, choose a brand that uses the best methods to extract and process the what is hempoil. It is possible that the hemp oil gets contaminated as it undergoes processing, so choose a brand that tests the final product for contaminants. Another factor to consider when purchasing hemp products is whether or not the plant was organically grown. Some of the properties of hemp oil may cause adverse side effects. The high fiber content may cause very loose bowels, and an overload of fatty acids may cause complications like blood clots and low blood pressure.

It is important to note that individuals will react differently to hemp oil depending on factors such as the individual’s health, weight, and diet. To be safe, you should start with a small dosage then gradually increase it as you gauge the amount that feels right to you. These initial small doses should be spread out through the day. Reaching your optimal hemp dosage allows you to maximize the benefits while reducing the risk of side effects, which are rare in this case anyway. However, most people start off at 15mg doses, and others can find their sweet spot at around 150mg a day.

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant however, it contains higher traces of THC and CBD than hemp oil. As a result, it is highly diluted to reduce any stimulatory effects. CBD helps conditions such as depression, anxiety, and can even help to relieve pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is also medically proven to treat epilepsy, diabetes, and cancer. There is more controversy over the use of CBD oil than hemp oil. Hemp oil has no psychoactive compounds whatsoever, which is why it is legal in all states.  Users of CBD oil must exercise greater care in its dosage and application. Side effects of CBD oil are milder and include diarrhea and a change in appetite.

Despite all the controversy surrounding hemp and hemp products, the plant has a lot of benefits to offer. Many people find themselves confused because they don’t take the time to research hemp and its many benefits. Hemp products have recently seen a spike in demand due to an increased understanding of the components in the plant and how to safely utilize them. Using hemp for internal or medicinal purposes should always be guided by a doctor, especially in cases where users have an underlying medical condition. Hemp and its products should be used in moderation to prevent adverse side effects. Patience and consistency are integral to how effective hemp oil will be for you.